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Poppy, Giganthemum

Poppy, Giganthemum

Giganthemum Poppy is an enormous somniferum poppy with oversized blooms that can grow as large as 4–6" in diameter, and seed heads that are the size of a tennis ball!


These poppies will bloom in exquisite shades of purple, pink, red, coral, and white. These are a stunning addition to cottage-style or mixed wildflower gardens.


A perfect go-between to bridge the spring and summer garden gap, they have fuzzy green stems that will spring into bloom in late spring/early summer. These poppies will drop seeds and come back again year after year, self-sowing for an even larger and fuller display the next spring.


When the petals have finished putting on their show, gardeners will be left with the very interesting giant seed pods that follow. Allow the seed pods to dry out, and when they're fully golden brown they can be cut and harvested to adorn your homemade fall wreaths and dried floral arrangements.


Pro Tip: Since this variety can grow 4-5 feet tall, be sure to give these plants some space to spread out and don't plant them too close together.


Pack of 300 seeds


Blooming period: Late spring

Plant Height: 4 feet

Plant Spread: 1-2 feet

Seed Planting Depth: Sow seeds on surface of soil

Full Sun

Plant in Very Early Spring

Soil Moisture: Medium


Difficulty: Medium