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Where do you get your seeds? Who are your suppliers?

This is a question we get asked from time to time, from both well-meaning customers and not-so-well-meaning competitors, too!

When you sell products that are as high-quality, rare, or coveted as the ones we offer here at Waystation Plants, it's no surprise when someone wants to know where they came from. Many who inquire are well-meaning individuals who are just so excited to have found the rare seeds they've been looking for, when they haven't been able to find them anywhere else! Unfortunately, some of the people who ask this question have malicious intentions and would seek to use this information for unethical purposes.

Our seeds, plants, bulbs, and garden products are sourced from many different places, all across Canada. Years of research, testing, and relationship-building have gone into finding the best suppliers in the country. As such, specific vendor information is a trade secret, and for that reason, the list of exact suppliers that we use cannot be shared.

What we can tell you, is that some of our products are grown in-house by Waystation Plants, some of our products come from large national distributors, and some of our products come from Canadian family farms and gardens.

We search far and wide to find Canada's top products and bring them here to Barrie, where we provide our community with the best online shopping experience, award-winning customer service, and the most trusted gardening advice in town!

secret garden
It's top secret!

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