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5 Easy Garden Designs for Beginners

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Sometimes it's easier to copy a garden from a picture, than to try and come up with your own design. Here are 5 lovely garden designs that beginners can replicate, with products sold here at Waystation Plants.

1. Pink Spring Garden

Check out our blog for 5 easy garden designs for beginners with products sold at Waystation Plants.

To recreate this beautiful spring garden, try planting these:

2. Deep Colour Garden

This border garden stands out for its creative use of deep colours. Get the look:

3. Easter Garden

This charming oval shaped garden is the perfect backdrop for a family Easter egg hunt. Grow one just like it, by planting these:

4. The Waystation Garden

Redditors delight in this bright summer waystation garden. Copy it by planting these:

5. The Trio Garden

Good things come in 3’s, especially when it comes to this classic trio. Recreate this simple native garden by planting these:

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