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Our collection features a beautiful assortment of stones and minerals including quartz, amethyst, tiger eye, agate, jasper, selenite, turquoise, and more! 

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What is a Stone Ceremony?

Have you heard about this wedding tradition? It's a modern take on the ancient Oathing Stone tradition, which has been popular in Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Celtic weddings for centuries. It is believed that holding a stone during the wedding will set the vows in stone. Here’s how it works…


Each guest will be instructed to choose a gemstone at the start of the ceremony, before the bride walks down the aisle. The stone your guest chooses will be one that they're instinctively drawn to, and the one that speaks to them. You may want to include the chart of gemstone meanings in your wedding programs, so that while your guests wait for the ceremony to begin, they can identify which type of stone they picked, and read about its symbolism.

Then, during the celebration, your officiant will lead everyone in making a wish or prayer for your marriage while holding the stone. A sample script for your officiant can be found here.

Your guests’ love and energy radiates into the colourful gems, as they wish for your success, happiness, health, and all the best for your future.

At the end of the ceremony, your guests can choose to keep the stone as a memento, or return it to the dish for the newlyweds to display in their home.


Isn’t this a beautiful idea? It’s unique and easy, and will help your wedding stand out from all the others!

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